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Jr Weebotics w/ Parent (4-6 yrs)

Junior Weebotics is redefining robotics, making it possible for youngsters to build and program their own robots. This hands-on learning experience, offered by Digital Kidz engages creative thinking and problem-solving skills. You and your child program using traditional LEGO pieces and simple, drag-and-drop software.

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Weebotics 2.0 w/ Parent (4-6 yrs)

This class introduces students to robotics, engineering and coding. Students use drag-and-drop software to write basic programs that connect to the robots motors and sensors using Bluetooth technology. With the help of a parent, young children build new robots including, Milo the science rover, racecar, helicopter and a robotic arm!


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Jr Robotics (6-8 yrs)

This class offered by Digital Kidz immerses students in the exciting world of robotics using the LEGO EV3. Whether you're brand new to programming and robotics or an aspiring engineer you expand your knowledge while having an awesome time with classmates who share your interests.

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Jr Programming w/ Scratch (6-9 yrs)

Create your own interactive stories, animations and games in this class offered by Digital Kidz. Younger students are introduced to essential building blocks behind object-oriented programming by creating fun, interactive stories and simple games. Students let their imaginations run wild while learning programming basics.

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Adventures in Game Design (8-12 yrs)

In this class offered by Digital Kidz students learn game-theory concepts to create fully-functional video games by adding characters, backgrounds and more from a massive library of cool sprites. Students also learn real-world app development and build arcade-style video games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Take your games home and amaze your friends.

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3D Game Design (10 - 14 yrs)

In this class offered by Digital Kidz, students are immersed in the exciting world of 3D game design. Build key objects, navigate the platform and create epic game environments. Create and program character graphics, animations and more!

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Robotics w/ EV3 (9-12 yrs)

In this class, offered by Digital Kidz, students use 3D building instructions and the most advanced technology ever developed to work with EV3, the latest generation of robots. Program using software based on the industry-leading graphical programming language used by scientists and engineers worldwide or your smart device.

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