Movie Making in the Palm of Your Hand!

Movie Making on your Smartphone!

With today’s ever-changing technology, our cell phones have become the ultimate companion for any tech savvy person. Where once they were just capable of calling another person; now our phones not only allow us to communicate with one another, but capture the world around us with incredible cameras, look up any factoid that we may have forgotten, keep track of our schedules, navigate and give us directions, and did you know that you can even make amazing, professional looking movies on them as well?

With the introduction of the 4k feature on the new iPhone 6s, filmmakers and journalists from all around the world have been switching over to the iPhone as a new way to capture beautiful video. Why buy a three thousand dollar camera when you already have the ultimate movie camera in your pocket? 

Still unsure about the capabilities of your smartphone camera? Check out this short clip about this beautiful documentary shot all on the iPhone 6s!

Digital Kidz uses smart devices to film in our movie making camps! 

Digital Kidz uses smart devices to film in our movie making camps! 

On their own, smartphones can capture beautiful images, however, you can make your video even better with additional equipment. But don't worry! Unlike traditional film equipment, equipment marketed towards smartphones are incredibly affordable and easy to use. In fact, you can pick up eight smartphone lenses on amazon for around fifteen dollars! Compare that to the hundreds of dollars just one traditional camera lens costs! 

Not only is the advancement of smartphone cameras great for experienced filmmakers, but it also great for beginning filmmakers, including kids! Many children today are raised with the knowledge of how to use the technology around them, including their parent’s smartphones and tablets. And equipped with the right knowledge and affordable equipment, they can begin their movie making journey a lot earlier than most professionals today! 

That's where we come in! 

Digital Kidz is offering free workshops to teach kids, ages 8 to 14, how to optimize their smartphones to make movie magic. At this one and a half hour workshop, they will be able to test out equipment, learn about the best apps, tips, and tricks that will guide them to become a tech savvy smartphone movie maker! 

Seats at these workshops are limited so register today! 

Posted on January 30, 2017 and filed under Movie Making.