Students ALWAYS Have a Great Time Learning With Us!

What are our students saying about us? Read these testimonials to find out how Digital Kidz have made learning to use computers fun!

Loved it. Period. We'll be back for more!

-Heather C., Parent

He LOVES LOVES LOVES your class. Thank you. He will look forward to doing this tomorrow.

-Jennifer C., Parent


The topic appears intriguing, challenging and inspiring. It is a good introductory class for the digital media/creative art. The instructors were thoughtful and caring.


Ryan had an absolutely great time and can't wait to go back next week.

-Charma Z., Parent

I liked that they told you that your first robot had to be the basic robot, but then they let you build any robot that you wanted, including free build. And I liked my partner, and how the teachers always helped when I asked them a question.


I know my child is learning important technology skills. Marshall just knows he's having fun!

-Barbara B., Parent

"Sandra you are fabulous! I have marked my calendar and hope to be the first one through the door. Look forward to meeting you."

-Kathleen, Parent

I especially like that the Digital Kidz program is a group learning experience. Children work collaboratively to make decisions and share their discoveries and creations.

-Evelyn Y., Parent

My child thoroughly enjoyed this camp; though he'd never met any of the teammates or counselors before, he said he felt as if he were with some "long lost" friends. I am so pleased that my son went to this class every morning with a big smile on his face and came out with an even bigger smile after class, telling me that he'd learn so much.


I was very impressed with the material and the hands on activities my child had the opportunity to do. This was his first robotics class in the US. His experience overseas was very good but different. This camp gave my child a great chance to learn more about computer programming and loved it! you can share this opinion

-David L., Parent

Matt liked the camp and we will do it again next summer. The camps are a good way to combine fun and STEM topics

-Dave M., Parent

This camp expanded my son's knowledge of science and engineering concepts, as well as giving him a strong confidence boost in his lego building skills. He came home talking about pulleys, levers, cam gears, and belts. This camp was an excellent, educational, and fun way to beat the summer learning slump!


Fantastic experience. Unbelievable that such young children can grasp the computer programming and robotics. Teachers make it fun and geared toward children's natural interests so they are excited about going to class. I have never seen my child (6 years old) more excited about a class or school, than he was about going to Science and Weebotics camp.

-Maia L., Parent

Thanks for this classes!! We just moved to Fairfax and my son loved the Robotics Summer Camp, he has autism and loves computers and building things, so this is one of the best camps that I could find for him. Now he can't wait for fall to come for the next camp!

- Aida R., Parent